Why office design is the key to creating the right office culture

office design and planning

If you’re in the process of an office design project or thinking about a completely new office refurbishment then one of the questions you should be asking yourself is how you can help promote a positive work culture in your office. There are many ways that a well thought out and executed office design can create the right culture and in this article we show you how.

Work out what your business culture is
The easiest place to start is by taking a look at the people who work for you and how they carry out their work. If you notice that people are spending a lot of time away from their desks and grouped together in meeting rooms then you need to take this into consideration. What you’re looking for is a design that is sensitive to the needs of your workforce as this is what will help to create a positive environment.

Be creative
Once you know how your staff work and use the current space you can start to think of creative ways that you can use your office space to fit their needs. And while companies like Google go all out with wacky and creative features such as slides between floors and hammocks for staff this may not fit with your company. Your office space needs to reflect your business and your workspace is your way of making sure your company really stands out.

Open up your floor plan
Perhaps one of the easiest ways of creating a more collaborative and positive working environment is by opening up your floor plan. Depending on how your staff carry out their work you may also want to look at creating different areas which can act as creative spaces e.g. semi enclosed soft seating areas, quiet rooms and even cubicle offices. If you have a lot of remote workers you may also need a layout that supports hot desking to cater for staff who spend a lot of time both in and out of the office.

Make your breakout area completely different
Create a breakout area where your staff can go to enjoy their lunch, chat with colleagues and generally have a break away from work. By making this completely different from the rest of the office your staff can get a real break from their work. With employees spending an increasing amount of their time glued to their computer screens a breakout area should be considered a necessity in the modern office.

Use technology to your advantage
From Wi-Fi in the office to giant touchscreens, technology is at the heart of modern businesses and can be used to make the working environment not only more productive but can also help improve the workplace culture.

Don’t forget natural light
Creating a working environment with large windows that lets in natural light combined with an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme will go a long way to creating a great working environment. Add to that a climate control system that keeps employees warm in the winter and cool in the summer and you can help ensure your staff are happier and more motivated.

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