How to budget for an office fit out


From the size of your office to the number of staff there are a number of factors that can affect the budget needed for an office fit out. Setting a realistic budget will help you make sure your project doesn’t overrun both in terms of spend and also time taken. In this article we’ll walk you through the things that you need to discuss with your fit out company in order to manage your budget and expectations.

Types of fit out

From purely cosmetic changes to layout and structural alterations the type of fit out that you need will depend on the scope of work, level of finish and amount of work carried out by your chosen fit out company. There are generally speaking four main types of office fit out and we’ve listed these below from the lowest to the highest cost.

Shell and core

This is one of the most basic fit out options and as such will often be the cheapest option. In a shell and core project the layout and structural changes will be made in line with the office design but all internal finishes and services will be left up to the client to specify and install.

Category A

Above shell and core is the category A fit out. This includes essential elements such as lighting, suspended ceilings, raised floors and kitchens but won’t include furniture, decoration, space planning or finishing touches.

Category B

The next step up is a category B fit out. This includes everything you’d find in a category A fit out with the addition of design features and space planning such as partitions, glass walls, meeting rooms and other features. A category B fit out may also include office furniture as well as flooring and decoration.


A turnkey solution is perfect for those looking for the ultimate hassle free fit out. From design and planning through to build, refurbishment and fit out a turnkey solution means everything will be managed for you.

Setting your budget

When getting quotes and working out your budget it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your money and what’s included. While a shell and core fit out might initially be tempting based solely on price, without adding in the additional costs it is hard to compare to a turnkey solution with everything included.

An office fit out is a huge job to undertake. A good fit out company will be able to walk you through the process and help deliver a design and layout that’ll match your budget. At Task Developments we can help with all types of fit out and provide you with a full range of services at a very competitive price.

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