What home design ideas can be brought into the office?

Reception Area

The humble office is where the majority of us spend our week. It’s here that we eat our lunches, have our morning coffee and chat with friends and of course earn a living. So unsurprisingly a lot of businesses are now taking inspiration from the home when looking at design ideas that can be incorporated in the office. The goals are simple: to make the workspace friendlier and help create a more productive and happier workforce. So let’s look at some of the ideas you can incorporate in your office.

A place for everything

Because of the way we live our lives our homes are divided into very distinct and separate spaces. From a living area where we watch the television to a kitchen for cooking and eating and the bedroom for sleeping, our homes are split into rooms based on functionality. This idea of separate areas is now being seen in office designs with everything from breakout rooms and kitchens to work pods and games rooms being incorporated in designs.

The heart of the office

The importance of a staff kitchen area can’t be overlooked. Just as the kitchen is at the heart of the home so is at the heart of the office.  This is also a place where people can catch up with their friends, enjoy a hot drink together and help to create social bonds. Also where else can an apprentice and director sit together in a relaxed setting and have a chat.

Let the light in

One of the main things we look for in a house is how open, airy and light the interior so why should an office be any different. For too long the standard has been for dark and gloomy offices that are flooded with fluorescent light. When planning a new office layout think about how you can incorporate natural light sources to bring in as much light as possible. Not only will this help to make your office seem less gloomy but it will also help improve the morale of your staff.

Choose the right furniture

Create the right mood for each area of your office by choosing the right fixtures, fittings and furniture. From cosy sofas for informal areas to multi-function chairs for breakout areas, stools and breakfast bars. By choosing the right furniture you can help create the right atmosphere in different areas of your office and match the form with the function.

Think of the family

Already popular in the United States a growing number of companies are offering on-site childcare facilities to help cater to and attract the best employees. While outside of the biggest corporations this is a rarity we expect to see a growing trend in nurseries and playgroups popping up within commercial office blocks.

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